25 July 2015

Test PReP Beta TeST by DS Pollack

So we now now have the ability to prevent HIV transmission with a daily pill. The pharmaceutical company calls it PReP. They say it's 99% effective against accidental transmission of HIV when taken daily. But, what happens when that 1% slips through and you begin to see legal firms advertising on TV about class action lawsuits against Gilead Science Inc. The creators and distributors of Truvada and PReP.

How far is our system willing to stretch before it breaks. This series of Alter Art put my vessel in the position of Truvada Beta Tester. Having had an allergy to latex my entire life, Condoms have been out of the question. So my doctor recommended PReP. Yet somehow so many concerns and questions still remain when it comes to big Pharma.


This is my Art


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