24 July 2016

Natural Simplicity 侘 寂 Wabi-sabi as Loo Ping ループ

Wabi-sabi (侘 寂)
Wisdom in Natural Simplicity

Natural Simplicity, 2016
Alterism : Performance Art
as Loo Ping
Chasealias DS Pollack

After centuries of incorporating artistic and Buddhist influences from China, wabi-sabi eventually evolved into a distinctly Japanese ideal. Over time, the meanings of wabi and sabi shifted to become more lighthearted and hopeful. Around 700 years ago, particularly among the Japanese nobility, understanding emptiness and imperfection was honored as tantamount to the first step to satori, or enlightenment. In today's Japan, the meaning of wabi-sabi is often condensed to "wisdom in natural simplicity." In art books, it is typically defined as "flawed beauty."[6]  Gold (2004), pp. 20–21  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wabi-sabi

Alterism :: Performance Art

as Loo Ping ループ

Chasealias DS  Pollack

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